Bling flock

Bling flock

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Bling Flock is the latest revolutionary product to come from Bling Solutions, it has many significant advantages over stone stencil materials or stencil films made from plastic materials in todays market. You do not need ?flock work station? /plastic sheets or even special 60 degree cutter blades. Using Bling Flock will reduce your labour costs because of accuracy of weeding and ease of transfer manufacture.

Cutting: Bling Flock will cut on almost all plotter cutters including the Graphtec Silhoutte Cameo, CE6000 Series and other industrial machines. It cuts at lower pressure settings so produces better results. You do not require overcut function. You do not require special blades and as this material is easy to cut, blades can last longer. The material is also light weight, meaning there is no drag which will increase efficiency.

Weeding: Sizes from 2mm will weed easily with no stretching. Works well with stones from 2mm to 6mm. No need for additional stencil adhesive film. The flock should weed easily and the holes should remain on the backing after lifting the template from the backing. If any holes do remain in the template, they should be removed manually, however, these should be minimal and if there are too many, then you should adjust the down force or utilise an overcut.

Making Transfers: With Bling Flock there is no static electricity, this means that your stones will not pop out/ jump up so you can simply shake or brush the stones into place. Transfer film does not stick to the flock material ensuring easy peel and no static. You can overlay with different sizes and colours of stones simply using one template.

Storage: Bling Flock does not shrink either in storage or after you have cut your transfer. Longer shelf life ensures stencils do not change over time. The flock is sensitive to pressure and as such it should be stored on its end in order to avoid flat spots. This is also why it should be cut into sheets to load and not use loading rollers.

Sizes: Bling Flock is sold on a 25mtr roll with a width of 32cm


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Bling flock