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Bling rhinestud - 4mm

Bling rhinestud - 4mm

Product Code: BL003

Bling Coloured Rhinestuds 4mm

Rhinestuds manufactured cut from aluminium in an octagon shape to give maximum shine. They are created with a dome shaped base allowing fibres of the garment to penetrate the stud which ensures strong bond to the textile. Studs are designed to fall into the stencil with ease and speed up the stencil creation process.
Once a stencil is created with the Rhinestuds, it can be stored for an unlimited amount of time whilst attached to the application tape.

Pour rhinestuds/rhinestones onto stencil in tray and brush away excess leaving the stones in the correct position face up.
Apply your transfer tape, wipe over and then peel back. You are now ready to apply transfer tape with stones to your textile.


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Bling rhinestud - 4mm