Q & A from the Managing Director Phil Cone

  • When was the company set up and by who?

    The company was founded in 1986 by my parents, Stephen & Mary Cone. They were asked by an Aunt of mine who owned Clerical Outfitters on Cross Street (next to the Court House), to help with the embroidering of clerical clothing and church cloths as she was extremely busy and everything was being done by hand.  So, they got a loan and purchased a single head embroidery machine and started to work from a small box room in our house. As time passed, they grew and so the business was moved to our converted garage and at the time they also invested in a larger machine.  At a similar time, Clerical Outfitters moved from Cross Street to Upstairs in Matthews on Academy Street…. Hence the name, Academy Crests. Then in 1995/96 the whole operation was too big and so we moved all operations from the house and Academy Street to the NOF Commercial Centre in Blackpool, where we stayed until 2015. I left for the UK in 1994 and did Civil Engineering in Swansea University and then worked in London for 6 years. Returning in 2006 and taking over as MD of Academy Crests. The company has now grown to be Munster’s No.1 Embellishment Company and Supplier of Workwear, Corporate, School & Sportswear.

  • What do you offer your clients or customers? 

    We are experts in our field and we specialise in the embroidery, printing and promotional branding of all forms of clothing and textiles.

    We supply branded clothing for all types of clubs, societies, schools, colleges and events.

    We are also one of the main Portwest distributors for the Munster region, enabling us to supply all types of workwear, footwear, PPE and disposable items to both the private and public sectors.

    We supply a whole range of different garments to the hospitality, corporate and financial sectors.

  • How have clients responded to your services and products so far?

    Our customers continue to use our services because they know that everything, we endeavour to do is true to our Core Values. The welfare of our customers is always at the heart of every decision that we make, and how we can benefit them.

    I also ensure that ALL of our team including myself follow our Customer Service Motto on a daily basis.

  • What has been the highlight of working within the company?

    Since my involvement in the late eighties and nineties, I have enjoyed watching the company go from strength to strength. As with all SME’S you have your fair share of ups and downs. However, one of my main highlights so far is the introduction of a 4-day working week in February of 2019. Done initially for a trial period it has been a resounding success. Production has increased and sick leave has decreased. The overall culture of the company has improved as every weekend is now a 3 day one.

  • Are there any plans for future expansion?

    For over three decades we have supported the Cork and Irish Economy by growing our staff numbers, utilising local and national companies for supplies and services. Our work can be seen throughout Munster and Ireland in numerous clubs, schools, societies, colleges and many other sectors. We have supplied branded clothing to millions of people over the past 34 years and will continue to do so into the future.